Welcome to Roll Your Own

The Django Web Development Framework was developed for the perfectionist developer, someone who wants things done in a particular way. Django does a very good job at allowing and almost anything, it is helpful for most things you want to do, but stays out of the way when you want to do something unexpected.


In keeping with this approach, the RollYourOwn frameworks aim to give you the developer as much freedom as possible. A few things are especially important:

  • You (the developer) have full control over your database models
  • Any inherent complexity is encapsulated in the framework (which is well tested)
  • The framework encourages well organised, concise and reusable code

The developer in control of their models


  • The frameworks do not make any assumptions about your desired database model

Containing complexity


  • Any inherent complexity in this domain should be in the framework, where it is tested and analysed by more people

Well organised, concise and reusable


  • Provides an clear, interface for the various components of your application

What next?

You might like to read the Quick install guide or start reading through the Commerce tutorial.